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Sep 15, 2017 - Sep 16, 2017

Mid-Atlantic Logging and Biomass Expo (Dealer participating)

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Mid-Atlantic Logging and Biomass Expo
1153 Lynch Road
Selma, NC

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The 2017 Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo, fourth in a series dating back to 2011, is scheduled for September 15-16. The show will again be held again near Selma-Smithfield, North Carolina.

“For our 2015 show the weather was beautiful, the attendance was outstanding, and we had higher vendor participation than ever. It was a huge success,” according to Jack Swanner, executive director of the Carolina Loggers Association, which sponsors the event with the North Carolina Forestry Association and Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc.

The 2015 Mid-Atlantic Logging & Biomass Expo set a record with 3,500 people in attendance. The 2017 show will again feature live harvesting equipment, as well as static booths displaying trailers, parts and other services.

Western Star dealer, Carolina Freightliner-Western Star of Raleigh, North Carolina, is participating in this event!