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Aug 7, 2017 - Aug 9, 2017

Twp Hwy Commissioners of IL Summer Conference (Dealer participating)

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Peoria Civic Center
201 SW Jefferson Ave.
Peoria, Illinois

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Please “Mark Your Calendars” for Monday, August 7th, Tuesday, August 8th and Wednesday August 9th to attend the annual 2017 THCOI Summer Seminar at the Peoria Civic Center & Pere Marquette Hotel in Peoria, Illinois. If you have never attended the Summer Seminar, please plan to this year and if you have attended it, then please come again.

We have some FUN, Educational activities planned for this year’s event, beginning with our (Monday) Night "Fun Night with The Vendors," including some good-ole "country (& city) road" music, fun interactive skill testing activities with our Vendors, refreshments and a Raised Center Stage "Live" Presentation in the Vendor Arena on "Purchasing Township Equipment & Bid Lettings and Intergovernmental Agreements." We also have many Breakout Session learning opportunities including, Bridge Inspections Using Drones or Posted Road Weight Limit Law Enforcement or GIS Mapping of Signage & Culverts or a Q & A with an Illinois Farm Bureau Panel, not leaving out the learning opportunities by visiting with your fellow township highway commissioners around the breakfast & lunch tables. For your spouses -- a Tuesday Ladies Event -- Riverboat Cruise.

Western Star dealer, TransChicago Truck Group of Elmhurst, Illinois, is participating in this event!